Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the high caliber doctor that you are and recognizing my eye problem as being a rare toxic maculopathy caused from me taking [a specific drug for another medical problem]. Within weeks after stopping it was unreal how much my eyes improved and continued to improve even more. I can see fantastic now without glasses. It was just like a miracle that all I needed to do was stop taking [the drug].

Thanks again, Dr. Taylor. I will be forever grateful and thankful to you and God for my eyesight. It’s wonderful ! You are a fantastic doctor and Retina Specialists of West Alabama is fantastic. We are so-o-o fortunate to have such a high caliber doctor (Retina Specialist) right here in Tuscaloosa ! Thanks again and God Bless!

Bobbie Plowman
Bobbie Plowman

Another doctor had told me I would be blind within a year. With Dr. Taylor's laser treatments I have good vision now. He is one of the nicest doctors I've ever been to see.
Carol Grimes

I believe Dr. Taylor is a very talented surgeon.
I started wearing contacts about 1969. I wore them to be able to see and read. During the spring season the pollen got into my eyes and I could not wear them.
After four surgeries performed by Dr. Taylor, I went from blindness to seeing without contacts or glasses.
I would recommend Dr. Taylor for any surgery he does. He is very meticulous, compassionate and understanding.
He performed a miracle on me. I thank God for his talent.
Charles Graham

I was blind when I came to Dr. Taylor the first time, with blood in my eyes from diabetes. I had just about given up on everything. I think the world of Dr. Taylor. Without his good care, we'd both be blind by now.
Robert Grimes

My eye bled while I was in Florida. The doctors at Bascom Palmer told me they wanted me to stay a week so they could work on me. I told them no - that I already had the best doctor and he was with Retina Specialists in Tuscaloosa. We called first thing that morning and Dr. Taylor got us right in. Dr. Taylor, you saved my eye with your laser treatment and now I can see to read very well. I know I'm in good hands with Dr. Taylor.
Lizzie McGuire

When you get something in your eye like I did when I got metal in it, it is the scariest thing you can imagine. I saw Dr. Taylor in his Tuscaloosa office and thanks to him I still have my eye and good vision. He is a compassionate man and explained everything to me and my family who were all with me. He explained things in plain language and he answered all our questions. We think the world of Dr. Taylor and his staff who are also helpful and kind.

I love Dr. Taylor, and I'll just tell anybody to come and see y'all. I think he's honest and fair, and he's doing me a good job.
Howard Allen

I'm very happy and content with my experiences with Dr. Taylor's office. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, competent, and very pleasant. I've been seeing Dr. Taylor for four years without a single problem. Dr. Taylor has worked diligently to preserve my sight and I'm extremely pleased with my care.
William Barton

I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor since 2004 with a diagnosis of wet macular degeneration. He has been treating me with Avastin and I can still read large print. I attribute my vision to his treatments. He has taken good care of my eyes. The staff is absolutely outstanding in their courtesy and professionalism. I can still read at age 96.
Thank You !
M. Lollar

I thought I would be blind in my left eye when I first came. After the laser, my vision came back to what it was.
I have had excellent medical attention here. The entire staff has been very nice and made things lots easier for me. I am very happy.
Ramsey Trawick

I had lost sight due to retinal problems occurring over several years, in my right eye, with continuing severity. With Dr. Taylor’s help and excellent care I have it back. He used the latest technology in the most professional manner. “Thank You” Doctors and your Staff.
Cornelia Posey

My name is Thelma Mills. Dr. Wayne Taylor has been my Retina Specialist for about six years. He is a special person - very intelligent and so caring. He has a great staff also.
Thelma Mills

I was going blind in my eye for 20 years. After surgery with Dr. Taylor I can see. Thank God for Dr. Taylor and his staff. They are Excellent !
Clarence Davis

My brother Buddy is mentally disabled and unable to tell us
that he was having vision problems except to tell us he had pain in his
eye. I took him to Dr. Allgood for the pain. He contacted Dr Taylors'
office and they saw Buddy that day. Dr. Taylor said he had a detached
retina and needed surgery immediately to save the eye. He worked with
his partner to do surgery on Buddy that week. Thanks to Dr Taylor his eye
was saved.
Buddy was in a accident about a year later. Dr Taylor
saw him again on the same day we called. Dr. Taylor had to do surgery
again to save his eye. To keep him from having to stay in the hospital
for a long time, Dr. Taylor saw Buddy in his office every day for three
weeks to keep a close eye on the pressure.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Taylor and his wonderful staff.
They always want to help in every way and are always friendly.
Sandra Canterbury

I really appreciate everything Dr. Taylor has done for me. I never thought there was a doctor's office like this where you did not have to wait 4 hours and everyone is so nice and pleasant.
Howard Johnson

Two years ago I lost sight in my right eye from glaucoma. Thanks to the expertise and care of Dr. Wayne Taylor, I now have 20/50 vision in that eye.
He is without a doubt one of the top doctors in his field, anywhere. We are so glad he chose Tuscaloosa, AL for his practice.
Tony Beasley

Many thanks to medical science and to Dr. Taylor for the improvements in the last 20 years. Being able to read the newspaper and sign checks again is wonderful. I am grateful to Dr. Taylor for restoring my sight.
Martha Howell

My treatments with Dr. Taylor have been unreal for the last 16 years. I am so blessed. My vision is so much better. The care before and after my surgeries has been excellent. I don’t have to look through blood anymore. I don’t have to look through scar tissue any more. I am also glad that Dr. Taylor is here in Tuscaloosa all the time so I don’t have to travel back and forth to Birmingham anymore.
Janice McCollum

Dr. Taylor has done an excellent job on my eye. It's awful when you wake up and can't see out of your eye. I would recommend him to anyone. He certainly knows what he's doing.
James Roby

Dr. Taylor is a very good doctor. With his and God's help I overcame my fears and he cleared my way to have the surgery I needed. I would take his advice in a moments notice. My surgery and my recovery went well and I would recommend his care to anyone.
Margie Crews

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Taylor and am so pleased with the treatment that I have been given. The staff is so wonderful and helpful.
June C. Greenwood

I couldn't see a thing when I first came, but now I can see a squirrel just across the creek. I couldn't even see a picture on the wall and now I can. I certainly appreciate all of the treatment and care I have received. If I had not found y'all I would have been half blind by now. I could not have done without all of you and your kindness and care.
George Renacker

This treatment has been a miracle ! Shots in your eyes sounds so scary but it is well worth it. Dr. Taylor, with The Lord's help has done a miracle ! There is always hope !
Once I couldn't see to read, drive and even walking was difficult. Now I am able to read large print with the help of glasses. Now I don't need help walking - it is wonderful !
Helen Kyser

Dr. Taylor has done an excellent job treating my eye problem. I'm very well pleased with the good vision I have now. Not only is he an excellent eye doctor, he also has an exemplary professional attitude.
James Roby

I've had cataract surgery and 2 Retina surgeries, and the Retina surgeries did more good than anything. I can see better now than I did 20 years ago. I can see to shoot my rifle again and all the crooked lines are gone. I'd recommend you to anybody.
James Ballard

It works ! I would encourage everyone to have Dr. Taylor's treatment. You've done wonders for my eye and I appreciate it. Your eyesight is important. God intends you to see what he created.
Verla Hamm

Since I started coming here my eye is 100% better.
Jessie Parker

I was treated nicely both times I had surgery. I would recommend Dr. Taylor and his staff to everyone who has eye problems.
Patient Survey from DCH Medical Center

It was during a routine eye exam at the Tuscaloosa VA Medical center that the doctor found a "possible retinal tear" in my right eye. Within 2 hours I was examined [here]. After a thorough eye examination and laser surgery to repair the damage to my retina I was assured the problem was solved !
I am thankful to the doctors and nurses for their concern and the expert care they provided me in treating this potentially dangerous conditions !
Charles Turner

Very efficient office. Exceptional employees that know how to move patients. There is no long wait as in some doctor's offices. I am very impressed with how Dr. Taylor's office is run. Everyone is so nice, kind, considerate and friendly.
JoAnn Hallman

When I first came to Dr. Taylor I was so scared I broke down and cried. I wanted to see and be able to see my grandson grow up. But now I'm seeing so well and I'm so happy. I'm so blessed.
Mary Shirey

I'm so grateful that I can see out of my eye now. And you're the reason !
Cornelia Posey

I give Dr. Taylor a Gold Star !
James Fuller

I want to thank you. I can't believe the dramatic transformation with my eyes. It was even greater than having the cataracts out.
Henry Pope

Dr. Taylor,
I have been bringing my aunt, Oenone Hearn, to your office for the past year and a half. I just wanted you and all of your staff to know that I really appreciate the excellent care which you provide. All of your staff are so friendly and kind. They always compliment my aunt on how good she looks, and as a senior citizen, this is so important for her self-esteem. When you walk into the room with your big smile and warm handshake, we feel like we are coming home to an old friend.

She has been receiving injections in her eye during this time, and I am proud to say, she declares that they are PAINLESS!!! Just the thought of a needle in the eye is daunting to me, but she has not every complained in the least about them. And they have helped her so much. For this, her daughters and I thank you so very much. We sing your praises throughout our community.

Thank you very much for your most excellent care!!!
Vicki Breland, RN
Infection Control/Employee Health Nurse

That Avastin is a miracle drug ! I never thought I would see out of that eye again. Thank God for you Doctors !
Carl Hall

Dr. Taylor and his staff are excellent in my opinion, very friendly, efficient, and nice.
Sarah Anderson

Dr. Taylor, I am so thankful for your saving of my vision and for your kindness to me and my daughter.
Mary E. M.

When I came here, I had a darkness across most of my vision. It is a miracle to me that you fixed it. You might do this everyday, but I do not go blind everyday. It's a miracle to me.
William A.

I would have been totally blind if it were not for Dr. Taylor giving me Avastin shots. I call it my miracle drug. Dr. Taylor has helped me with both my eyes and kept me seeing well enough to take care of myself.
Carl Hall

I had surgery by Dr. Taylor and I have had a wonderful experience. My surgery has gone great and I am going to recommend all my friends and family to Dr. Taylor if they need eye surgery or have eye problems. I can see great now. This made a world of difference.
Ricky Harris

Dr. Taylor is a miracle worker! I wouldn't want anyone else to care for his eyes. Things have turned out better than I could have hoped for. The staff has been great! I am so happy we could cry.
Mrs. Clement Sink (for Mr. Clement Sink)

I appreciate the good, courteous, service that I get on every visit to your office. I am well pleased with my care with Dr. Taylor and his staff.
Clay Lathem

I am seeing so much better. When I first came here I couldn't see anything out of this eye. Now, I can see a squirrel in a tree.
George A. Renacker

When I was at Bascomb Palmer, the doctors wanted me to stay longer so they could treat me. I told them I felt my retina doctor in Tuscaloosa was the best. Dr. Taylor, you saved my eye with your laser treatment. I know I'm in good hands with Dr. Taylor.
Lizzie McGuire

I believe Dr. Taylor is a very talented surgeon. I started wearing contacts about 1969. I wore them to be able to see and read. During spring season the pollen got into my eyes and I could not wear them. After 4 surgeries performed by Dr. Taylor, I went from blindness to seeing without contacts or glasses. I would recommend Dr. Taylor for any surgery he does. He is very meticulous, compassionate, and understanding. He performed a miracle on me. I thank God for his talent.
Charles Graham

Another doctor has told me I would be blind. With Dr. Taylor's laser treatments, I have good vision now. He's also one of the nicest doctors I've ever been to see.
Carol Grimes

I was blind when I came to Dr. Taylor the first time, with blood in my eyes from diabetes. I had just about given up on everything. I think the world of Dr. Taylor. Without his good care, we'd both be blind by now.
Robert Grimes

I am very pleased with my treatment and the office. They are easy to find and get an appointment with. I am very pleased with the professionalism this office has.
Louis Hansen

Dr. Taylor and his Staff are very caring people. I have been seeing him for over a year and I am very pleased with the care he has given me.
Geraldine Yeager

Recently I had a couple of eye problems. Upon going to Dr. Taylor and receiving treatment from him and his fine staff, everything turned out great. If a person thinks he can find a better Doctor and Staff, I would say they are wasting their time.
Mr. and Mrs. L F Cates

Dr. Taylor was a Godsend. He was one of those doctors who healed my eye along with the Good Lord. We don't thank our doctors enough. I would be blind without Dr. Taylor and his staff. I am a sketch artist and I am now able to sketch again. This is a miracle.
Cornelia Posey

I wish I could send my other doctors here to learn how to run an office !
James W. Moore

I'm excited ! When I first came here I could not see the line to sign-in even with my glasses. Today I could see it without my glasses. I can now see the word for word searches. I appreciate how kind everyone is and I appreciate not having to wait an hour to be seen. Everyone is very professional and yet kind and compassionate.
Mattie Hubbard

When I came to Dr. Taylor my left eye was blind because of a retinal detachment. Dr. Taylor did surgery on my eye and now I can see good. I think he performed a miracle for me.
Roy Ingram

Thanks so much to all of you for the help and very good instructions you have given me. You have been so nice and helpful and I deeply appreciate the response I have gotten and the care I have received. A very special thanks to Dr. Taylor.
Marion Simmons

I am very thankful and appreciative of Dr. Taylor's expertise and willingness to try various options for healing my right eye vein occlusion. The entire staff is always very pleasant and helpful.
Thomas Bailey

Dr. Taylor is a miracle worker and I love him to death for what he has done for my husband. It makes me teary to think about it. If it wasn't for Dr. Taylor, my husband would be blind. We are truly thankful.
Emma Sink

Without Dr. Taylor's help I would be blind. I appreciate him and his staff. Everyone needs to remember how much they do for all of us. I just love them so much I could cry !

I just wanted to say my first visit to the Retina Specialists was very pleasant. Everyone I met was so nice and polite.
It was a very pleasant experience.
Patsy Phillips

We thank God for Dr. Taylor every day when I can wake up and see. Without his knowledge and expertise I would have remained blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. It is only through his care and professionalism that I am able to function in my every day life.

The gift of sight that he restored is without words to express gratitude.We love you Dr. Taylor. You are not only the best in your field, knowledgeable and effective, but very caring and you have a wonderful bedside manner.

Bless You !

Theresa Turner

I was apprehensive about having an operation on my macula, but this procedure really improved my sight 100% and I'm very happy and pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone.
George Baker

I was referred to Dr. Taylor for treatment in 2006. I had just learned that I had macular degeneration in one eye and, like most everyone who develops that condition, it was upsetting to say the least.

On my first visit Dr. Taylor confirmed the diagnosis and the extent of the damage in one eye. He told me of the availability of a treatment with injections, not yet approved by the FDA or Medicare, but he said that he had observed its use for some time and felt that he should offer the option to his patients.

I agreed to the treatment, although I admit that the mere thought of having a needle stuck into my eyeball was terrifying. After the very first treatment, my fears were relieved with the careful manner in which treatment was applied and the next two shots were not so frightening. The best news is that my vision has seen a little improvement, and has also been stable for the past nine years.

I like Retina Specialists of West Alabama, Dr. Taylor, and all the technicians who work there!
Mary Jolley

A new patient asked me if I was new. I laughed. I am a “regular”. I get an injection about every month. She was curious about Dr. Taylor. I told her how wonderful he is and a great doctor. She was also curious about injections. I told her, “The first time I was petrified, but there was nothing to it. And for someone too scared to get her ears pierced, I look forward to the injections because they don’t hurt and they help me see.” When she came back out from seeing Dr. Taylor, she stopped and said “You were right!”.
Alfreda Thomas

This has been a very, very high visit today. You have a wonderful staff. They are very outgoing towards me and my wife. We pray that God will bless your staff and you in your work. Thank you for such a wonderful visit. God bless you.
Timothy McCrary

I have been a long time patient and now it is like visiting family when I come. I am so happy to have Dr. Taylor here in Tuscaloosa, because going to Birmingham is just too much every month.
Anne Davis

Being a retired veteran, and a diabetic (in good control) for over 30 years, I am happy to express my appreciation to Dr. Samuel Taylor and his exceptional staff. For the last 5 years, my eye sight has been gradually get worse. I was going to the veteran's part of the Callahan Eye Foundation every 3 months. I was having laser treatments and shots, but seemed to be getting worse. I could hardly see to drive, so my wife was doing the driving. She hated driving in Birmingham, but was comfortable in Tuscaloosa. So for my wife's benefit, I chose to see Dr. Taylor. He was quick, efficient, professional, and straight to the point (thank goodness). After some laser treatments, he said I needed a Vitrectomy in my left eye. It went perfectly, with no problems. It gave me 20/20 vision in that eye. I was like someone opening their eyes for the first time. Praise the Lord I can see! After healing from that procedure, Dr. Taylor said the right eye needed surgery also. So without hesitation, I had it done too. Now I'm 20/20 in both eyes and everything is wonderful. I can see my two new grandchildren through clear eyes. This has changed the quality of my life beyond measure. Without a doubt, I'm probably the happiest patient Dr. Taylor has ever had!

If you are reading this comment to decide on a Retina Specialist, you are definitely at the right place! A great Dr. and Staff.

More Than Completely Satisfied,

Steve Crawford
Steve Crawford

[Having an Avastin injection] "was so easy I think he used the same hole he did last time !"
Ronald Brasher

I would like to give a good compliment to the staff, especially Brittany. She was very professional as well as kind.
Carolyn Akridge

Dr. Taylor, don't you turn me loose - I'll hang on to your leg like a caveman !
Betty Halbert

There was no pain during or after the operation. I slept well, without pain medication, the night after. If anyone questions retina surgery, call me.
Hubert Bridges

I am impressed with your high quality of patient care and with you and with your staff. I really appreciate you.
Dr. James Morris

For two months in a row we have been in and out and back home in an hour. Thanks to your great staff !
Bessie Morris

Dr. Taylor is the best Doctor I've ever seen ! Fantastic. Makes patients feel real good about what he's doing. Wonderful. I will refer other people to him.
Nicholas Whitaker